Excitingly Kingspan Insulation have announced a new product range of higher performance phenolic foam insulation boards. This range will replace some of the existing Kingspan Kooltherm products and take a step forward to aid in the construction of energy efficient homes.

The Kingspan Kooltherm products that will be affected :-

  1. Replacing Kooltherm K3 floor insulation boards will be Kingspan K103 insulation.
  2. Kingspan K106 is a new cavity wall insulation material where a residual 10mm cavity can be left.
  3. Kooltherm K108 replaces the partial fill Kingspan K8 range of cavity wall insulation.
  4. Replacing Kingspan K10 is Kooltherm K110 soffit board insulation.
  5. Replacing Kingspan K17 and K18 insulated plasterboard will be Kingspan K118 which can be dot and dabbed or mechanically fixed.

As of 18th July 2016 Kingspan will no longer specify the old Kooltherm range codes. Consequently Kingspan insulation will start to specify the new lower lambda products.

Lambda is the thermal performance of an insulation, the lower the Lambda value the better the insulation value. The original Kooltherm range has a lambda value of 0.22 W/m K.

This new range of premium performance phenolic Kingspan materials command a stunning 0.19 W/m K thermal conductivity. Conversely this will allow for the installation of thinner materials or for higher insulation values to be achieved in construction.

Another key point is that the new Kingspan Kooltherm range is manufactured using a blowing agent that has a Zero ozone depletion and global warming potential .

Therefore resulting in an exciting step forward from an innovative company in the insulation industry. Kingspan are always looking for ways to improve the insulation that it manufactures and this new Kooltherm range is proof.

In addition we can deliver from one of our many distribution warehouses and most of the time within a few days.

Finally if you require more information please visit our product pages , or call our friendly sales office on (01793) 791010.