rockwool acoustic insulation

Rockwool Acoustic Insulation

Rockwool Insulation make a vast range of Rockwool acoustic insulation products such as the Rockwool RW range of semi – rigid and rigid insulation slabs. This range consists of Rockwool RWA45 (45KG/m3) , RW3 (60KG/m3) and RW5 (100KG/m3). The weight signifies the density of the product the heavier the density the more sound absorbent. We often supply Rockwool RW3 and RWA45 for recording studios for use as a component of a sound reduction system.

The Rockwool acoustic slabs are water repellent and non hygroscopic and have good fire resistance along with a superb thermal conductivity. Thermal values are as follows the RWA45 has 0.035W/m-K and the RW3 and RW5 are 0.034W/m-K. This spun rock mineral wool insulation works by impeding as well as absorbing sound waves through the structure of the mineral wool fiber.

Reduce noise by using Rockwool acoustic insulation materials

The acoustic properties of these products make them an ideal insulation for use in sound studios where total noise absorption is necessary. Also partition walls and party walls and floors in your home to reduce the transmission of noise that may come from bathrooms or child’s play or bedroom. We are always being asked what can i do to stop noise from my next door neighbours. Well the ideal thing to do if there is room permitting would be to batten the wall between the properties. Filling the depth with RWA45 and covering with sheets of sound plasterboard. Doing this should significantly reduce the noise through the party wall.

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SPECIFICATION: 30mm – 100mm 
SIZE: 1200mm – 600mm 

Special offer
Rockwool Flexi 1200×600
Size:4.32m2 pack
Thick: 100mm
Only £36.80 + vat
Quote: ROC045

Special offer
Rockwool RWA45 1200×600
Size:2.88m2 pack
Thick: 100mm
Only £19.40 + vat
Quote: RWA045

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