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Triso Insulation

We supply all of the Actis insulation product range including Triso Super Ten Plus. Triso super Ten plus is a multi foil insulation product that is made up of various layers of foil , sheep wool and wadding. This is an ideal solution to quickly insulate the pitch of a roof with minimal tools and skill required.

Importantly Triso insulation super 10 plus is a very thermally efficient insulation, as a 30 mm thick layer of this would be equivalent to approximately 220 mm of standard loft roll fibreglass insulation. Being a radiant reflective insulation this requires a 25 mm clear airflow both sides of the insulation. If this airgap is not present the insulation will not perform to its maximum potential.

When looking for a perfect solution when underfloor heating insulation is required  and you do not have enough space to install a thick PIR insulation board Triso Sols would be an ideal product.

High Performance Multi foil insulation

Also available from stock are Actis Hybrid and Hybris insulation which can be used in roofs floors and in wall insulation. Boost Hybrid is a thermal insulation with a built in breathable membrane similar to TLX Gold. H Control hybrid has a vapour control layer attached to the multi foil insulation similar to TLX Silver.

Hybris is a reflective insulation has a high thermal performance due to the honeycomb structure creating low emissivity cavities to complement the foil facings. All of these products are available at cheap trade prices.

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Triso Super 10 Plus
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Thick: 30mm
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Quote: see Superfoil SF19+

multi foil insulation
Triso Sols underfloor insulation
2 pack deal
Thick: 7mm
Only No longer available
Quote: See Superfoil SFUF

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