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Rockwool Flexi

Rockwool Flexi is a high spec slab insulation for use all over the home in roofs, floors and walls.

With its patented flexible edge which ensures a tight fit when installed Rockwool flexi is a great insulation product.

This insulant can be easily installed in pitched roof rafters , internal partion walls , external framed walls and timber suspended ground floors.

Its flexible edge means that it can be installed in between fresh timber construction which shrinks when it dries out without falling out. This is because it will expand as the shrinkage takes place keeping it in its desired location.

Rockwool Flexi is manufactured in various thicknesses from 50mm to 200mm and in slab sizes of 1200mm x 600mm and 1200mm x 400mm.

The thermal conductivity of Rockwool flexi has a Lambda value of 0.038 W/mK at 50mm – 120mm and 0.035 W/mK at 140mm and thicker.

Achieving an acoustic level of Part E (resistance to sound) makes this a good acoustic insulation.

Fire resistant to Euroclass A1 ensure maximum fire resistance protecting both your construction and its inhabitants.

Rockwool Flexi is water repellant and has a water vapour resistance of 5.2 MNs/gm which is another reason why this is a great choice of insulant.

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SPECIFICATION: 1200 mm long 600mm or 400mm wide
SIZE: 50mm – 200mm Thick

Special offer
Rockwool Flexi 1200×600
Price Per 4.32m2 Pack
Thick: 100mm
Only £37.80 + vat
Free delivery over £300 ex VAT
Quote: Flex100600

Special offer
Rockwool Flexi 1200×400
Price Per 2.88m2 Pack
Thick: 100mm
Only £28.10 + vat
Free delivery over £300 ex VAT
Quote: Flex100400

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