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Ecotherm Ecoversal Insulation Board

Ecotherm Ecoversal insulation is the general purpose rigid insulation board made by Ecotherm. Being a high performance PIR insulation Ecoversal can be used in many applications. These include internal partition walls , between rafter and both over and under rafter insulation. In addition Ecotherm Ecoversal can be used under and over concrete slab and suspended floating floors. Many people install underfloor heating these days and Ecotherm insulation board can be an ideal insulation to install under the heating system.

Ecotherm insulation board

Made with PIR foam insulation Ecotherm insulation board is a insulation foam sandwiched between 2 layers of low emissivity foil. Low ‘E’ foil facings can sometimes triple the thermal resistance of an insulation and can significantly increase the ‘u’ value of the construction. Manufactured in a sheet size of 2.4 m x 1.2 m Eco-versal comes in various thicknesses ranging from 25 mm up to 150 mm. Importantly we stock most of these sizes and we are able to offer a fast delivery service along with very affordable prices.

Features of Ecotherm Insulation

  • Ecotherm insulation will not rot
  • foil facings add a vapour barrier to the insulation board
  • will not allow the passage of water / moisture
  • high thermal resistance compared to fibre materials of same thickness
  • easy to cut and install
  • Ecotherm Ecoversal will not shrink or slump leaving voids in the insulation

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Ecotherm Ecoversal Insulation board 

CODE: Ecoversal 
SPECIFICATION: 25mm – 200mm 
SIZE: 2400mm x 1200mm 
PRODUCT INFORMATION:Ecotherm General Purpose insulation

Special offerEcotherm Ecoversal Insulation board
Price Per Sheet
Thick: 25mm
Only £14.10 + vat
Free delivery over £400 ex VAT

Special offerEcotherm Ecoversal Insulation board
Price Per Sheet
Thick: 100mm
Only £35.25 + vat
Free delivery over £400 ex VAT

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