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Rockwool Roll

Rockwool Roll is a high specification insulation manufactured from volcanic rock by Rockwool Insulation. Importantly this Rockwool thermal insulant is fire retardant to Euroclass A1 making it one of the best fire retardant insulation on the market as we write. A quick and easy to install roll insulation is an ideal choice for insulating the floor of your loft space. Rockwool Twinroll and Rollbatt come in pre-cut or pre-split packs enabling ease of install in loft or above suspended ceiling systems.

Helpfully Rockwool roll comes in 3 different variations as follows :-

Rockwool Roll which is a single uncut piece 1200mm wide and either in 100 mm or 150 mm thickness, this enable you to cut to size if you have joist widths other than 400 mm or 600 mm.

Twinroll insulation roll is a pre-split insulation roll which consists of 2 x 100 mm layers, this is so that you can place 100mm in between the rafters and then without splitting lay 200mm above.

Finally Rockwool Rollbatt , this is a roll either 100mm thick or 150 mm thick that is split into 400 mm or 600 mm widths for installing inbetween standard floor joist spacings.

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Using Rockwool Roll products can enhance acoustic insulation properties in your construction as it is a dense mineral wool insulant. Although other products from the Rockwool Acoustic insulation range may be more appropriate if the primary objective is to reduce noise. Rockwool Roll , Rollbatt and Twinroll products have a thermal conductivity of 0.044W/mK.

Important to note that when installing this type of insulation in a loft space that all electrical cables where possible should be lifted free of the insulation to avoid overheating. Along with this it is advised to also insulate the loft hatch to allow constant layer of the insulant. This can be done with the application of double sided tape then the mineral wool insulation attached.

For more information on Rockwool Roll , Rollbatt and Twinroll or for prices please call our national sales team on 01793 791010.  Also you can visit our online insulation store to purchase.

SPECIFICATION: 1200 mm wide
SIZE: 100 mm – 200 mm Thick
HELPFUL PDF DOCUMENT: Rockwool Roll info

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Rockwool Roll
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