tlx foil insulation rolls

TLX Insulation

Web Dynamics manufacture a range of multi foil insulation the most popular being TLX Silver and TLX Gold both hold BBA certification. TLX Silver formally known as Thinsulex silver is a multi foil insulation which is easy to install in the pitch of a roof and can achieve current building regulations when used in conjunction with a suitable rigid foam insulation. These foam boards can include PIR insulation such as Celotex and Ecotherm insulation or Phenolic Kingspan Kooltherm insulation boards.

Thinsulex Silver or TLX Silver Insulation

TLX Silver can be used in both over and under rafter situations. A breather membrane must be used when installing over rafters to comply with current building regulations. Furthermore when installing below rafters as with all multi foil insulation you must leave a 25 mm air space on both sides of the insulation material. All joins must be overlapped and taped with the appropriate foil jointing tape to ensure a continuous single layer.

Thinsulex Gold or TLX Gold Insulation

TLX Gold comes with breather membrane incorporated into it. Therefore making it an all in one application product. Importantly when installing over rafters it can save money on separate breather membrane products and installation time. TLX Gold is SD intelligent meaning the more moisture it encounters the more it breathes giving no risk of condensation even without a vapour barrier.

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SIZE: 1.2m x 10m

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TLX Silver
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Thick: 30mm
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tlx insulation
TLX Gold
4 roll deal
Thick: 30mm
Only £526.00 + vat
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