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Drywall Fixings And Finishes

One of the key elements in drywall is getting the finish right. We supply quality Drywall Fixings and Finishes with materials for filling and finishing the joints on plasterboard dry lined walls. These fillers can be supplied in powder form or ready mixed for quick application. Having the drywall joint cement in tubs ready mixed can save time. This product can also save on wastage as you are not mixing more than you require. Joint tapes are available in paper or self adhesive scrim which can be a fast and easy way of taping the joints. If your project includes internal corners the we can supply corner flex tape which is a wire reinforced tape that produces a sharp clean internal corner.

Fixing the plasterboard can be done in various ways such as using drywall adhesive to Dot and Dab the plasterboard to the wall. Another way can be to use drywall screws and screw to either timber or drywall metal systems if used.

BMD supply a large range of drywall fixings from drywall screws to purpose made helical fixings. Helical fixings are generally used for fixing laminated insulated plasterboard into blockwork or timber. These fixings come in various lengths that cover most projects using insulated plasterboard.

If you are finishing your project with a skim of plaster then we can supply all relevant angle beads to form perfect edges and corners. These angle beads include thincoat angle bead for plaster / plasterboard finishes, standard angle bead for render stop bead for edges on the plasterboard.

For more information on prices or for assistance on which materials to use on your project please do call our sales team.

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