warm roof fixings

Warm Roof Fixings

Warm Roof Fixings are a helical fixing designed to fix down sheet timber and insulation board such as Celotex, Recticel or Kingspan onto roof timbers. Due to the ever increasing volume of insulation required in homes today these fixings are becoming more common. Warm roof constructions are generally made up of 120 mm thick insulation sandwiched between layers of either plywood or OSB timber. Because it is very important that these sheets are fixed properly to avoid the roof blowing off you do need to use quite a large number of them. Every day we have customers ask “how many fixings do i need per sheet of insulation on my warm roof construction. Consequently the answer is you would need to install approximately 20 Warm roof fixings per sheet fixing through into the roof structure.

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Most noteworthy is the helical design of these warm roof fixings dramatically reduces the possibility of cold bridging through the fixing. Also the design ensures as they are driven in they rotate and screw into the roof timber preventing splitting. Manufactured in both zinc plated and stainless steel for fixing flat roof deck boards. Being stainless steel offers extra protection against potential corrosion via interstitial condensation.

Installing the helical fixings is easy by hammering them in, driving through all layers until secure in the roof joists. For maximum ease a fixing tool can be supplied which helps guide the fixing ensuring a straight passage and excellent fixing into the roof.

For prices or further information on warm roof fixings give our national sales team a call.

Warm Roof Fixings

CODE: Warmrooffix
SPECIFICATION: 95mm – 220mm
SIZE: 6mm shank

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Warm Roof Fixings
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Size: 220mm
Thick: 6mm shank
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warm roof fixings
Warm Roof Fixings
300 roof fixing deal
Size: 195mm
Thick: 6mm fixing shank
Only £130.00 + vat
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