kingspan insulation

Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan Insulation make a large range of insulation products including the Kingspan Therma product range. Part of this insulation range is the general purpose TP10 Thermapitch , TF70 Thermafloor and TW55 Thermawall .

Especially relevant is this range of products is essentially the same board with three different codes denoting its possible use.

Kingspan TP10 Insulation

Thermapitch is Kingspan insulations roof insulation and is made for use as a pitched roof insulation. This would usually be their range of PIR insulation boards from 50 mm to 150mm which can be friction fit in between rafters. In addition a thinner layer of Kingspan TP10 under the rafters to cover any possible cold bridging through the timbers. These thermal bridging boards would usually be from 25mm to 40mm thick.

Kingspan TF70 Insulation

TF70 denotes its use in under slab or suspended floor insulation. A thick board generally starting from 75 mm upwards is placed over a damp proof membrane and then covered with another layer of membrane before screed is applied. A thinner board would be used usually 25 mm wide. The perimeter insulation should be cut into strips to cover the depth of the floor insulation and screed combined.

Kingspan TW55 Insulation

And finally TW55 which denotes its use as a wall insulation. This quality insulation board can be used for insulating partition walls or inside of solid external walls. These could either be applied in between stud partition walls or covering the entire wall before a plasterboard finish is applied.

If you require any other technical information please see the product file below.

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SPECIFICATION: 25mm – 150mm
SIZE: 2400mm x 1200mm

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