insulated plasterboard fixing

Insulated Plasterboard Fixings

ISF18A insulated plasterboard fixings are a one piece metal fixing which has a dished head. These insulation fixings are for use in installing Insulated plasterboard panels. Insulated drywall fixings are essential even when insulated plasterboard is being dot and dabbed to the walls. Installing these fixings in addition to drywall adhesive assists in the prevention of boards falling from the walls when the building is on fire. The ISF18A has a self tapping hardened steel shank which helps it cut into various masonry profiles.

When installing insulated wallboard fixings you should use 12 per board unless you are using drywall adhesive in which case you would then only use 3 per board. The design of the shank has an area that is only 25% of a similar solid shaft fixing which reduces the risk of thermal bridging. Another feature of this high spec insulation fixing is the dished head which when installed correctly can be filled with filler or plastered over. This is very important when the boards are to be decorated as this makes the fixing invisible.

ISF18A plasterboard fixings can be fixed directly into aircrete blocks although when fixing into concrete a 5 mm pilot hole must be drilled first. Essentially all types of insulated plasterboard can be fixed using this type of fireproof  wallboard fixing.
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Insulated Drywall fixings online

SPECIFICATION: 65mm – 145mm
SIZE: 6mm shank

Special offerISF18A
100 per box
Size: 85mm
Thick: 7mm shank
Only £55.75 + vat
Quote: ISF18A85MM

Special offerISF18A
100 per box
Size: 125mm
Thick: 7mm shank
Only £58.75 + vat
Quote: ISF18A125MM

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