suspended ceiling tiles

Suspended ceiling tiles

Suspended ceiling tiles / grid systems are made up of a number of key components. These include main runners , cross tees , perimeter track , hanging wire and of course the suspended ceiling tiles. These systems are ideal for offices and shops where ceilings need to be dropped lower than the actual current ceiling height. Installing one of these suspended ceiling tiles systems and insulating properly, can save on heating bills as you are then retaining the heat at a lower height in the room. Suspended ceiling tiles come in many sizes the most common being 600 x 600 and 1200 x 600 which are generally kept in stock. Importantly the tiles are mad in square edge and tegula rebated edge finish. Other sizes are available to order. These tiles come with different finishes on the face from plain to fissured also wipe clean and acoustic tiles.

If you have the size of the area of your ceiling project please call and wee can estimate your requirements. We also sell the suspended ceiling insulation pads to properly insulate office ceilings. It is vitally important you use an encapsulated insulation for health and safety reasons.

Another advantage of Suspended ceiling tile systems is that they can last for many years with minimal maintenance compared to a traditional painted plaster ceiling making even more cost effective. For prices on tiles and suspended ceiling grid please call our sales office.

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