celotex insulation fixings

Celotex Insulation fixings

Celotex insulation fixings are a perfect solution when installing rigid insulation boards in between timbers.

Insulation fixings should be used to hold the insulation materials in place. This is done by cutting the rigid insulation board on a very slight angle with the widest part being the gap in between the timbers. The Insulation clip should be fixed on the edge of the board with the legs being on the front face. Once an insulation fixing has been fixed every 1 meter on each edge of the board it should be pushed into place. The edge of Celotex insulation fixings provide a spring like action and will grip into place. If you are uncertain the fixing is in tight enough to hold the insulation in place, then a tack can be inserted into the legs protruding on the front of the clip.

Celotex insulation clips and their advantages

It is essential when installing celotex rigid insulation boards in cut to fit roof applications to ensure they are secured firmly. Insulation boards falling down on your head is no fun and also you really don’t want the weight of the boards resting on your plasterboard finish. Celotex insulation clips are and ideal purpose made fixing that ensures the PIR insulation boards are kept firmly in their place. The advantage of these clips is that if you have uneven timbers or if you are unable to cut the insulation to fit tightly in between the timbers. Then these fixings will work perfectly holding the insulation in position.

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