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Eolis HC Insulation

What is Eolis HC Insulation ?

Actis Eolis HC is the latest addition to the Actis Foil insulation range. This high spec reflective insulation has an integral vapour barrier which provides a 2 in 1 product. Thus ensuring air tightness alongside an efficient insulant in one installation. Eolis HC insulation has a self adhesive lap so that when joins are made they can be sealed quickly and efficiently. Actis Eolis has a unique structure encompassing their ‘Triplex Technology’ allowing fewer materials to be used in manufacturing. Importantly this design makes this foil insulation product a more sustainable insulation material. Eolis insulation is 135mm thick and comes in 1.5m x 8m rolls.

Where to use Eolis insulation ?

Eolis insulation is designed for use in roof insulation and wall insulation projects behind the internal finish. Notably it is for use on the warm side of any insulation materials so for example on the inside of a loft space on the underside of rafters.

How does Actis Eolis HC insulation work ?

This high spec insulation material works by trapping air between the unique welding pattern on the insulation also the spiral and resilient fibres inside each Triplex cell traps air. Every fibre in this product is hollow so these also capture and trap air. Along with the radiant reflective outer layers this truly is an exceptional insulation material.

What are the benefits of Actis Eolis insulation ?

This product is very easy to install as not cutting is required to fit in between rafters as it is stretched across the underside. The self adhesive lap makes it easy to join. During installation very little mess is made as this is not a lot of wastage involved or mess when cutting. All in all this is a time saving cost effective insulation material that will not only save time and money when installing but also money on future energy bills.

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SIZE: 1.5m x 8m

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Eolis HC Insulation
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