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Recticel Eurothane GP

Recticel Insulation GP Board is a PIR insulation board manufactured in the UK. Because of this there are no delays and problems as with some others whose products are imported into the country. This is a high specification PIR insulation. As a result it can be used for Floor insulation , Wall insulation, and both pitched roof and flat roof insulation. Important to note that this range of recticel eurothane GP is made in thicknesses from 25mm up to 160mm. Being a high specification PIR insulation with a low lambda value of 0.022 W/m K makes this the first choice among architects and developers alike.

Installing Recticel GP

When installing on a pitched roof over rafter system , the first layer should be cut to fit between the rafters and the covering layer across the top of the rafters in a brick bond pattern. Recticel Eurothane General Purpose is a PIR foam with low emissive foil facings on both sides similar to Celotex and Kingspan. Installing in a floor situation is easy and can be achieved by cutting to fit and taping the joints in a brick bond pattern. When two layers of Recticel are required to achieve the desired depth these should be staggered so that there are no two joins that line up on top of each other.

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SPECIFICATION: 25mm – 150mm 
SIZE: 2400mm – 1200mm 

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Recticel Insulation board
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