suspended ceiling tile insulation

Suspended ceiling tile insulation

Encapsulated suspended ceiling tile insulation is the ideal product where the risk of fibre from standard insulation slabs or rolls falling into the environment could be an issue. This could be in areas such as above suspended ceiling tile systems in office spaces or shops. It is of great importance that employers ensure the health and safety of their employees is taken into consideration. When insulation is being specified for above ceilings that may have workers or general public below it must be encapsulated to stop ingress of fibres below. Fibres from insulation can seriously affect your health if subjected to them for long periods of time. Insulation pads can be supplied in many sizes encapsulated in polythene usually supplied to suit the ceiling tile sizes, such as 600 x 600 and 1200 x 600 but any size can be made making it easy to install.

Encapsulated insulation can also be supplied in roll form for use in lofts making it a safer product to handle and install. Acoustic insulation as well as Thermal insulation can be used in the suspended ceiling tile pads giving the ability to absorb some sound transfer from rooms above offices or shops. All of these products are made to order and usually available within 4-5 working days from date of order.

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SPECIFICATION: 25mm – 200mm

Special offer
Ceiling Pad Thermal
100 Pad deal
Thick: 100mm
Only £267.00 + vat
Quote: CEIL001

Suspended ceiling insulation
Ceiling Pad Thermal
100 Pad deal
Thick: 150mm
Only £332.00 + vat
Quote: CEIL003

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