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Superfoil SF6 Multifoil Insulation

Superfoil SF6 is a radiant reflective multifoil insulation material from the Superfoil range of insulation materials. As such this material reflects solar gain in the summer meaning it reflects heat outwards keeping your room cooler. Importantly it reflects heat inwards in the winter months keeping the room warmer. This multifoil insulation is ideal for use in garden office / rooms , sheds and garages and comes in a handy 1.2m x 10m roll . This size roll is both easy to handle and install and with the minimum of tools and skills required.

Installation of this Superfoil product should be in one continuous layer which ensures a good thermal barrier and also improves air tightness preventing drafts. Superfoil SF6 can be installed as a stand alone product or alongside other types of insulation to achieve target ‘u’ values.

Below are some of the important technical aspects of Superfoil SF6

  • Reaction to fire – Euroclass E when installed behind plasterboard
  • Water vapour resistance – 1200MNs/g
  • Resistance to water penetration – class W
  • Coverage – 12m2
  • Flexibility at low temp. – -40deg

Thermal performance ‘R’ Values including air spaces

  • Core – 0.99
  • Roof – 1.90
  • Wall – 2.32
  • Floor – 3.64

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SIZE: 1.2m x 10m

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Superfoil SF6

Size: 1.2m x 10m
Thick: 30mm
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