kingspan kooltherm k8 insulation

Kingspan K8 Insulation

Kingspan K8 Insulation is a phenolic cavity wall insulation board for partial fill cavity construction. This high performance insulation board can have a thermal conductivity as low as 0.020 W/m-K . Of course this depends on the other products used in the overall construction. Kooltherm K8 insulation has a phenolic foam rigid thermoset core and low emissivity foil facings which significantly increase the thermal resistance in your cavity wall construction.

Being a high performance insulation board this can help save on the usage of insulation on the internal side of external walls.

This cavity wall insulation meets NHBC technical requirements when used with a 50 mm residual cavity. Whilst a clear cavity is maintained the product resists moisture penetration. Kingspan K8 Insulation is manufactured using a zero ozone depletion and low global warming blowing agent. Consequently the production of K8 is as eco friendly as it can be. Kooltherm K8 cavity wall insulation is easy to handle and install. Being 1200×450 board size it is designed to suit standard wall tie spacing. With the ability to cut with a fine tooth saw or stanley knife adds to the ease of installation.

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Please note this Kooltherm is now unavailable and has been replaced with Kingspan Kooltherm K108

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SPECIFICATION: 20mm – 150mm
SIZE: 1200mm X 450mm
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Kingspan K8 Insulation

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Size: 1200 x 450
Thick: 75mm
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