Insulated plasterboard

Thermaline Insulated Plasterboard

British Gypsum manufacture a range of insulated plasterboard with various insulation materials pre -bonded to the plasterboard. These different types of laminated plaster include the following:-.

Basic Thermaline Polystyrene backed Plasterboard

As the name says this is a very basic form of insulation and generally would only be used where minimal insulation is required. Thermaline Basic which consists of 9.5 mm tapered edge standard plasterboard bonded to expanded polystyrene insulation. These insulation boards have an overall thicknesses of 22, 30 and 40 mm.

Thermaline Plus insulated plasterboard

In addition Thermaline Plus which again uses 9.5 mm plasterboard on the 27, 35 and 40 mm and 12.5 mm on 48 mm. These are overall thicknesses including plasterboard. This has an extruded polystyrene backing giving higher insulation properties than the Thermaline Basic. But again under today’s regulations would only be a top up insulation material.

Thermaline PIR insulation board

Moving up the range Thermaline PIR uses a 12.5 mm T/E plasterboard bonded to a foam board similar to Celotex insulation or Kingspan therma type insulation boards.

Thermaline Super Phenolic insulated plasterboard

At the very top of the range is the Thermaline Super and has a high performance phenolic foam insulation board bonded to 9.5 mm tapered edge plasterboard this comes in overall thicknesses of 50 , 60 , 70 , 80 mm and 90 mm.

For any prices and availability on any of the Thermaline insulated plasterboard range please do call our friendly national sales office where we will happily help.

SPECIFICATION: 15mm – 90mm
SIZE: 2400mm x 1200mm
PRODUCT INFO: Thermaline Basic, Thermaline Plus, Thermaline Super

YOUTUBE VIDEO: Thermaline Basic, Thermaline Plus , Thermaline Super

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thermaline insulated plasterboard
Gyproc Thermaline Plus
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Size: 2400 x 1200
Thick: 40mm
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