superfoil sf40

Superfoil SF40 Multifoil Insulation

Superfoil SF40 is a high performance multifoil insulation with LABC certification. These certificates ensure the quality of the product is approved for building control purposes. Coming in at 65mm thick it has a whopping ‘R’ value of 3.47 in pitched roofs and 3.91 in walls. As with all multifoils Superfoil SF40 acts as a radiant reflective insulation reflecting heat gain outwards in the summer and containing heat in the winter. Most notably this multifoil can be used in conjunction with other types of materials to hit target ‘U’ values. Also important to note is that you can double layer this insulant to achieve a ‘U’ value of 0.14 . The latest updated product from Superfoil this has an enhanced fire resistant outer layer.

In addition this high spec multi foil uses Duponts nano technology coating as the reflective layer. Most interesting is that Superfoil SF40 also achieves a W1 resistance to water penetration.

SIZE: 1.5m x 10m


Superfoil SF40BB Multifoil Insulation

Superfoil SF40BB is an all in one Insulation and breather membrane solution. Being a premium specification multi foil insulation SF40BB is certified to have an ‘R’ Value of 3.67 in roofs and 3.98 when used in walls this includes air spaces. Importantly this multi foil has a resistance to water penetration of W1 making it ideal as it resists the formation of mould, damp and condensation. In Addition another positive for SF40BB is that it is a two in one product saving the installer from having to fit a separate layer of breather membrane. Its easy to install with the minimum of tools and skill required and cause very little wastage.

SF40BB is an excellent choice for renovation , refurbishment and new build projects for use in both roof and floor applications.

SIZE: 1.5m x 10m

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Superfoil SF40

Size: 1.5m x 10m
Thick: 65mm
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Superfoil SF40BB

Size: 1.5m x 10m
Thick: 75mm
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