loft roll insulation

Fibreglass Loft Roll Insulation

There are many ways to insulate your loft and using Fibreglass loft roll insulation is probably one of the quickest and cheapest ways of doing this. We supply Knauf Earthwool which is a lot less irritant than standard Fibreglass. This makes it easier and less dangerous to handle when installing. For installation Generally you would install one layer to the depth of the roof joists. You would then cross layer over the top with another layer to get to around 270 mm-300 mm thick overall.

Our loft insulation comes perforated so that it can be split for insertion in between 600 mm or 400 mm joist spacing’s. Alternatively it can remain as a whole roll to roll out across to form the top layer. Knauf Earthwool loft roll comes in 2 different grades ‘40’ and ‘44’ which basically stands for the thermal conductivity of the product, as in 0.044W/m K and 0.040W/m K

Advantages of Knauf Earthwool fibreglass loft roll insulation

  • Easy to handle and install as its lightweight and easy to cut.
  • roof insulation that is environmentally friendly as it has Zero ozone depletion and zero global warming potential.
  • totally odorless so will not make room smell
  • loft insulation of a material that is totally rot proof
  • fibreglass insulation that is a non hygroscopic material.
  • attic insulation that will not sustain vermin.
  • does not encourage the growth of mold and fungi or bacteria.
  • offers a resistance to passage of water vapor that is negligible.

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SPECIFICATION: 100mm – 200mm

Special offer
Loft Roll combi-cut
Thick: 100mm
Only £28.90 + vat
Quote: LOF010

fibreglass loft roll insulation
Loft Roll combi-cut
Size: 9.18m2
Thick: 150mm
Only £28.50 + vat
Quote: LOF011

Special offer
Loft Roll combi-cut
Size: 6.84m2
Thick: 200mm
Only £28.00 + vat
Quote: LOF012

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