insulation support netting

Insulation Netting

Insulation netting is an easy to use product with minor skills required to staple or tack the insulation support netting to the joists or rafters.

Importantly our support netting is made of lightweight ( 15 g /m2 ) polypropylene and as such is rot proof and chemical resistant.

Insulation spport net will support fibreglass insulation and mineral wool insulation materials from 100 mm up to 250 mm deep. When installing a single layer of netting it can span rafters of up to 450 mm. With anything over 450 mm joist centre spacing a double layer would be required. Consequently when using in ventilated timber floors insulation support netting can be installed by allowing it to sag to the depth of the insulation that is going to be installed. Thus allowing the Insulation netting to be stapled into place. Finally the insulation can be placed on top of it prior to the floor being installed.

Being a quick and easy to install insulation product it must be noted that care must be taken when fixing insulation into place from underneath a floor. Important to remember is that both fibreglass and mineral wool have an enhanced possibility of dropping fibres in the air. Care must be taken and appropriate personal protection worn for examples gloves and goggles. Health and safety is of the utmost paramount.

Please see the data sheet if you require any technical information about this insulation fixing product.

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Insulation support netting

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SIZE: 100m x 2m 

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