superfoil sf60fr fire resistant insulation

Superfoil SF60 Multifoil Insulation

Superfoil SF60 is a multifoil insulation material which is part of superfoils enhanced fire resistant range of insulation. If using this product in floors it has a massive ‘R’ value of 6.53. If your looking to either top up your existing insulation or replace this can be the perfect option as long as you have space for an air gap either side. As with other superfoil multifoil insulation is has ‘W1’ water resistance capabilities and provides and airtight insulation. Important to note is that this insulation when used behind plasterboard can achieve Euro class Class ‘E’ reaction to fire. These properties can help give peace of mind when installed in flats or separating of a garage space.

This high spec range of multifoils can help save time and money as installation can be very easy and speedy. Importantly this insulation will help save on your energy bills as heat will be retained more efficiently.

SPECIFICATION: 110mm thick
SIZE: 1.5m x 8m

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Superfoil SF60

Size: 1.5m x 8m
Thick: 110mm
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