superfoil SFBB multifoil insulation

Superfoil SFBB Breather Membrane

Superfoil SFBB is a breather membrane from the ever expanding Superfoil insulation range. This high spec breather membrane not only reduces the risk of condensation but improves thermal performance being a radiant barrier. Allowing the passage of warm moist air through this vapour permeable membrane is the key to condensation risk reduction. Installation of this product increases the air tightness of the build. Another advantage of the breather membrane over other breather membranes is the radiant reflective coating aids in thermal performance. A multi-purpose breather membrane that can be used in both wall and roof construction. Ideal for use in both new build and renovation projects this Superfoil breather membrane is the answer.

SIZE: 1.5m x 25m 
DATA SHEET: Superfoil breather membrane

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Superfoil SFBB

Size: 1.5m x 25m
Thick: 1mm
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