Actis H Control Hybrid foil insulation

HControl Hybrid Insulation

We supply Actis H Control Hybrid Insulation at discounted prices. This Multi Foil insulation is a Dual performance product, in that it is not only an insulation but also provides an all in one vapour control layer. Being an all in one product this innovative hybrid insulation can reduce the number of installation steps compared to using some other insulation materials. Using H Control Hybrid Insulation can also help to reduce the required thickness of the main insulation being installed. In addition to still maintaining the same ‘U’ Value. The insulation comes in rolls of 1.6 m x 6.25 m giving a 10 m2 roll .

When estimating how many rolls you require for your project please do allow for overlaps where one roll meets the other. Actis H Control is 45 mm thick and uses 2 low emissivity external layers that act as a reflective insulation. With an ‘R’ Value as high as 3.20 m2 K/W when installing with a 20 mm air gap either side it makes this a very effective insulation material. For more information or for the latest deals please call our sales office.

HControl Hybrid Insulation

SIZE: 1.6m x 6.25m

Special offerHcontrol Hybrid Insulation
Single roll deal
Size: 1.6m x 6.25m
Thick: 45mm
Only £77.00 + vat
Quote: HYB001

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