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Kingspan Styrozone Insulation 

Kingspan Styrozone insulation is a high performance fibre free extruded polystyrene. This polystyrene rigid insulation board is manufactured in 3 different grades as listed below. Being a high density insulation material makes this products ideal for a large range of insulation applications. Filling the gap in the market where a standard PIR or Phenolic insulation board would not be suitable. All of the Styrozone insulation range of products are made using a zero ozone depletion blowing agent which has a low global warming potential.

Styrozone N300R Insulation

Kingspan Styrozone N300R is designed for use in applications such as inverted roofs , car park decks and heavy duty industrial / commercial uses such as cold store flooring. Please note that when looking to use this product in an inverted roof project the thermal conductivity used from the data sheet to do thermal calculations should be the design value and not the declared value.

Kingspan Styrozone N500R 

Styrozone N500R insulation boards are a denser equal in thermal performance board as the N 300 R product. Again due to the nature of this product it is a perfect solution for use where heavy duty insulation materials are required. These can include places such as car park floors and industrial warehouse flooring and again ideal in cold store facilities for flooring insulation.

Styrozone N700R Insulation 

N700R which is the most dense of the insulation materials in the Kingspan insulation range. As with the other rigid extruded insulation products in the styrozone range this is a perfect solution for heavy duty flooring solutions where thermal insulation is required. This extruded polystyrene insulation board achieves a similar thermal conductivity to the N 500 R insulation.
Board Size:
N300R =30 – 140mm
N500R =40 – 100mm
N700R =60 – 100mm
SIZE: 1250 – 600mm

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Kingspan Styrozone N 300 R 

80 sheet deal
Size: 1250mm x 600mm
Thick: 100mm
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Kingspan Styrozone N 500 R 

48 sheet deal
Size: 1250mm x 600mm
Thick: 50mm
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Kingspan Styrozone N 700 R 

40 sheet deal
Size: 1250mm x 600mm
Thick: 100mm
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