actis hybris insulation

Actis Hybris Insulation

We supply the exciting new innovative Actis Hybris Insulation at affordable prices for all customers. This new Hi-Spec insulation from actis insulation has a honeycomb type structure made of purpose shaped polythene foams. These are glued to specially coated aluminium polythene foils and have external low emissivity facings. This type of foil insulation is a high performance thermal insulation for use in roof and wall construction. Hybris works with the large number of cavities with low emissivity foils and external facings which give a high thermal resistance. Because of this unique structure the cavities within the insulation material are protected from dust and air movement.

Actis Hybris Foil Insulation information

Hybris comes in various thicknesses from 45 mm up to 150 mm thick and in slabs of 1184mm x 1200mm. Especially relevant Hybris foil insulation has an amazing ‘R’ Value of 5.70m2 K/W can be achieved with 150 mm insulation and an air gap of 20 mm either side. When you buy this type of actis foil insulation you can be sure that it is a high quality insulation. Being fully certified to EN standards ISO 6946 and EN 16012. Its also a registered product with the LABC which is the local building authority control under code RD462.

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SPECIFICATION: 50mm – 185mm
SIZE: 1200mm x 1184mm

Special offer
Actis Hybris Insulation
Single pack deal
Size: 5.5m2 pack
Thick: 90mm
Only £43.00 + vat
Quote: HYB090

hybris insulationActis Hybris Insulation
Price per pack
Size: 5.5m2
Thick: 105mm
Only £48.10 + vat
Quote: HYB105

Special offerActis Hybris Foil Insulation
special pack price 
Size: 2.75m2
Thick: 125mm
Only £31.00 + vat
Quote: HYB120

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