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superfoil SFUF insulation

Superfoil SFUF multifoil Insulation

Superfoil SFUF is a 6mm thick multifoil insulation that can be used in floors , walls and roof insulation projects. Being a super thin insulant can be ideal where lack of space is a problem. Interesting to note is that although this insulation is only 6mm thick it still delivers an ‘R’ value of 0.8 which isn’t great but is brilliant if that’s all you can get in the space. Reduction of sound can also be achieved with this insulant reducing impact noise by up to 22dB. Similar to other superfoil multi foil insulations this acts as an airtight insulation.

SuperFoil Under Floor can be a great choice for use under screed floors where underfloor heating is to be installed along with under laminate flooring and suspended floors. When used in conjunction with underfloor heating a useful grid layout is on the outer layer aiding in pipe layout. Importantly this thin insulation can be used a a thermal break insulation if you have a construction that’s difficult to use another type of insulant in.

SIZE: 8m x 1.5m 
DATA SHEET: Underfloor insulation Info

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Superfoil SFUF

Size: 1.5m x 8m
Thick: 6mm
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