external insulation fixing

External Insulation Fixings

External Insulation Fixings are an insulation fixing used to install external wall insulation cladding systems. We can supply an insulation fixing to fix all types of external wall insulations. These range from carbon aged polystyrene insulation up to Kingspan Kooltherm K5 phenolic foam insulation boards among others. The Correct fixing is essential to ensure problems are not encountered at a later date.

Fixing external wall insulation

Because some external insulation materials are rendered over, a large number of fixings are required to ensure the insulation is secured in place. Please call if you are unsure how many fixings you may require for your project. There are a few rules to follow when installing your insulation boards. First of all the fixings for external insulation are installed by drilling a 10 mm hole through the insulation into the wall by 40 mm. These holes should be drilled a minimum of 100 mm apart and 100 mm away from the edge of the insulation. Finally the insulation fixing sleeve is hammered into place and then the nail hammered in to complete the fixing. As with all insulation fixings made of polypropylene these should not be used in areas where temperatures may exceed 40 degrees Celsius .

Finally we believe this type of fixing to be one of the most cost effective on the market today.

For more information and for the best prices please call our friendly national sales team who will gladly help.

External insulation fixings online 

CODE: Iso fast 
SIZE: 70mm – 220mm 

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