Premium Insulation manufacturers Celotex produce a new fulfill cavity wall insulation CF5097 part of the CF5000 range.

Celotex are continually developing new products in the battle to increase the insulation properties of a building without encroaching into the living space.
Celotex CF5097 cavity wall insulation is just one of the all new Celotex products which enables the cavity wall to be filled. Important to realize installing this insulation board removes the need for thicker insulation to be used on the internal skin of the property.
Celotex CF5097 cavity wall insulation can produce a U-value as low as 0.18 W/m²K without enlarging the cavity.
This Celotex CF5000 premium full fill cavity insulation product is approved by the B B A.

Making utilization of the entire cavity width, CF 5000 accomplishes lower U-values without the necessity to broaden the cavity, enhancing your homes heat retention effectiveness.

These boards are a full fill cavity insulation rather than partial fill.  Such as the Kingspan TW50 or Celotex CW4000. Because of the Mechanically designed rebated edge it removes the possibility of ingress of moisture. In effect vitally important to the construction of a building is the Cavity Insulation .

The buildings efficiency will be positively affected if the cavity is enlarged to suit thicker insulation.
A point often overlooked is not extending the cavity width to install partial fill cavity insulation reduces the extra costs incurred of using longer cavity wall ties. Also wider steel lintels and thicker cavity closer.
Another key point is that CF5000 comes in 1200 x 450 mm boards to fit standard cavity wall tie spacing and ease of handling on site.
This new item helps change how we manage Cavity wall construction in the future.


Product Applications

Focused at full fill cavity wall applications Celotex CF5097 is a premium performance PIR material.
Must be remembered Celotex CF5097 cavity wall insulation uses the entire cavity width.  Accomplishing a lower U-value without widening the cavity.

Product Description

Made up of low emissivity foil-faced PIR foam board for use as full fill insulation in new cavity walls. Must be remembered Celotex CF5097 PIR Insulation for Full Fill Cavity Walls is for use in residential and non-commercial structures up to 25 meters in height.
With its low emissivity textured aluminum foil facings, CF5000 utilizes a blowing agent that has a low global warming potential and zero ozone depletion potential .


When you specify the use of Celotex CF5097 you know the product does the following :-

Celotex CF5097 has a super low lambda of 0.021 W/mK helping accomplish the current (at the time of writing) UK Building Regulations and U-values required.
CF5000 Insulation being manufactured to reduce the passage of moisture.
Has a lower warm conductivity value (0.021 W/mK).
Has a BBA number 94/3080.
Presents a warm conductivity of 0.021 W/mK offering upgraded insulation properties and far superior U-values.
In accordance with the BRE Green Guide Achieves an A+ rating when installed.
Makes fitting simple with measurements to fit with standard cavity wall tie spacing.
Minimizes heat loss through joints with a mechanically designed tongue and groove edge.

Please Note this product has been discontinued and replaced with Celotex insulation thermaclass 21 new full fill cavity insulation board.

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