Rockwool Fire barrier Insulation

Rockwool Fire Barrier

Rockwool fire Barrier insulation is an excellent fire resistant material. When looking for a product that prevents the spread of smoke and fire Rockwool fire Pro is the answer. Its superb fire resistant insulation qualities make it both a labor and money saving solution. A flexible fire barrier is produced by galvanized wire mesh like chicken wire being stitched to the insulation with wire. Achieving a superb A1 class reaction to fire as defined in British standard EN 13501:1 you can be assured of great protection. These Rockwool fire insulation systems have been designed to inhibit the spread of heat smoke and flame in concealed spaces in buildings.

Being a Rockwool product also ensures superb sound reduction qualities. Rockwool Fire Barrier products can be applied as a hanging curtain or as a friction fitted slab. The insulation must be continuously supported and secured to the soffit by its head. At the base, it is preferable in a cavity barrier situation to wire the insulation directly to the ceiling grid. Although this is not a necessity and it is acceptable to let it drape freely, turned back across the ceiling. When the Rockwool Fire Barrier is to form a continuation within a void of a fire resistant wall or partition, it is essential to fix the insulation to the wall or partition head to maintain integrity.

CODE: Firebar
SPECIFICATION: 50mm or 60mm
Size: 1m x 3.7m (50mm) or 1m x 3m (60mm)

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Rockwool Fire barrier plain faced

Size: 1m x 3.7m
Thick: 50mm
Only £47.00 + vat
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Rockwool Fire barrier plain faced

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Size: 1m x 3m
Thick: 60mm
Only £1050.00 + vat
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