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rockwool fire protection pipe sleeve
firepro pipe sleeve

Rockwool FirePro Pipe Sleeve

Rockwool Fire protection pipe sleeves are part of the Rockwool Firepro® range of fire protection products. These high spec Insulated Fire Sleeves are made of a combination of stone wool and graphite intumescent materials covered with aa aluminium foil facing. Ensuring this provides all the Rockwool® acoustic, thermal and fire benefits with an added intumescent effect. Importantly these Insulated Fire Sleeves provide both fire stopping and thermal insulation in one single product. This product is perfect to overcome the challenges often associated with insulating and fire stopping both metal and plastic pipework along with rectangular vent ducts, trunking and conduits.

In Construction when thermal insulated plastic pipes pass through fire resisting floors or walls, the insulation is normally removed at the penetration point to enable standard pipe collars and wraps to close the resulting void in the instance of a fire where the plastic softens and melts . However, the removal of this insulation may result in the formation of condensation on cold pipework or heat loss from hot pipes. Most importantly this Rockwool fire pro fire sleeve combats this issue being an all in one thermal and fire product.
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CODE: firesleeve
SPECIFICATION: 15mm-160mm pipe OD 
WALL SIZE:  2.5mm – 14.2mm

Rockwool Firepro Pipe Sleeves
20 length deal
Size:15mm-160mm Pipe OD
Thick:2.5mm-14.2 wall dia
Only £POA + vat
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