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Rockwool Fire Protection Pipe Collars

Rockwool Firepro Pipe Collars are a simple and effective product for use in construction where firestopping pipework I required. Its use comes where plastic pipework passes through fire resistant walls and floors, and can provide up to four hours fire protection.
Firestop Pipe Collars are made of a corrosion resistant powder coated steel sleeve, containing a flexible graphite based intumescent liner made to suit the pipework to be fire stopped.
These Rockwool fire protection collars are easily installed by first opening the integral toggles and fitting the fire collar around the plastic pipe. These toggles should the be closed pushing the collar flush with the surface of the wall or underside of floor. Then securely fasten the collar to the structure with fire resistant fixings threaded through the fixing tabs. Gaps of up to 15mm between the substrate and service pipework should be filled with Rockwool Acoustic Intumescent Sealant.

For gaps greater than 15mm wide then Rockwool Firestop Compound can be used. If there is a fire the intumescent material within the collar should expand crushing the pipework and filling the void left by the pipework.

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SPECIFICATION: 32mm – 160mm pipe OD
SIZE: 60mm deep

special pricesRockwool Firepro Pipe Collar
Size: 32mm-160mm pipe OD
depth: 60mm
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