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jumpax underfloor insulation

Jumpax Acoustic Underfloor Insulation

Jumpax Underfloor insulation is a quick and easy to lay dual layer acoustic insulation system. It is a free floating sound reduction insulation that is capable of creating a smooth joint free surface. This enables floor coverings such as cork flooring , lino or vinyl flooring to be glued directly to it without the need for any hardboard or plywood covering. Jumpax insulation can be used for new or refurbishment projects making it a very versatile insulation. This dual layer acoustic insulation can help level floors by as much as 6 mm over 3 metres. Being an easy to handle sheet product this enable Jumpax to be laid very quickly over large or small areas.

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When choosing an acoustic insulation sometimes one of the most important factors especially in retro fitting is what thickness can be installed without the minimum disruption. We also supply a 6 mm isorubber base product that can be used if 10 mm is too thick. Jumpax is an ideal product for areas such as Hotel , Hospital or Apartment corridors where there is likely to be a high volume of foot traffic and the possibility of habitable rooms below. Each pack of Jumpax acoustic insulation contains 4 base boards and 4 top finish boards giving a pack coverage of 2.88m2. The board thickness is 5 mm so the combined thickness of the two layers of insulation total 10 mm. Delivery of this product is generally on 2-3 working days.

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Jumpax Acoustic Insulation

CODE: Jumpax
SPECIFICATION: 2 layers of 5mm
SIZE: 1200mm x 600mm

jumpax acoustic insulationJumpax Acoustic Underfloor Insulation
5 pack deal
Size: 1200×600
Thick: 5mm
Only £POA + vat

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