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Insulation Board Fixings

Insulation board Fixings are the most common type of fixing used on the market. This is due to the versatility of this type of fixing which can be used on mineral wool and solid board insulation. Insulation board Fixings are to be used to fix insulation onto timber frames only and not for masonry.

Especially relevant is that these insulation fixings are made in 50 mm up to 120 mm. Having a 50 mm head ensures that the insulation is held in position securely preventing it from slumping.

Because a 30 mm part of the fixing must be allowed for fixing into timber a 120 mm fixing can fix a maximum of 90 mm insulation and so on. Importantly Insulation panel fixings should not be used for permanent fixing of suspended insulation in areas where there may be temperatures of over 40 deg celcius. This is a very important thing to consider when selecting the type of fixing you require. Especially if it is for use in a habitable property.

In Addition this insulation board fixing is quick and easy to install as it is just simply hammered in. Making it the choice of the DIY enthusiast when installing insulation.
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SPECIFICATION: 5mm shank 50mm head
SIZE: 50mm – 120mm

Special offerInsulation Board Fixings
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Size: 100mm
Thick: 5mm
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insulation board fixingsInsulation Board Fixings
100 Fixing deal
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Thick: 5mm
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