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Celotex CW4000 Cavity Wall Insulation

Celotex CW4000 Cavity Insulation is an external wall cavity insulation board made specifically for partial fill cavity wall insulation. With the appropriate wall ties and clips cavity insulation is easily fixed in position inside the cavity. In addition Celotex Insulation board for cavities is manufactured in thicknesses from 25mm-100mm. These are made using zero ozone depletion potential blowing agents with a low global warming potential which is especially relevant. These premium quality boards are produced using PIR foam which is covered on both sides in low emissivity foil facings.

Advantages of partial fill PIR cavity wall insulation

Celotex partial fill cavity insulation can have certain advantages of something like say a standard fiber glass cavity insulation. Resistant to moisture ingress is a very important benefit of the PIR insulation. Importantly also is that they do not support the growth of fungi. Because of the make up of this board it eliminates the risk of water penetration. Another attribute of this Celotex insulation board is it will not settle and leave part of the cavity un-insulated. When comparing the same thickness material for instance to other types of insulation this insulation board delivers a far superior thermal performance. Looking for a good choice of insulation for your project?. It can be said that this high specification cavity wall insulation it is a great option.

Celotex also make premium performance cavity wall insulations that can deliver even higher levels of insulation. Celotex CG5000 partial fill and Celotex Thermaclass 21 full fill cavity insulation make up part of this range. Please note production of CG5000 has been temporarily been suspended.

Furthermore if you require any technical information regarding Celotex CW4000 cavity wall insulation please see the product guide below.

Celotex CW4000 Cavity Wall Insulation at Cheap Prices 

CODE: CW4000
SPECIFICATION: 25mm – 100mm
SIZE: 1200mm x 450mm 

Special offerCelotex CW4000 cavity board
11 sheet deal
Size: 1200 x 450
Thick: 50mm
Only £53.30 + vat
Free delivery over £300 ex vat
Quote: CEL050

Special offerCelotex CW4000 cavity board
6 sheet deal
Size: 1200 x 450
Thick: 100mm
Only £55.42 + vat
Free delivery over £300 ex vat
Quote: CEL010

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