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Loft Roll 100mm 10 pack deal only £202.50 +VAT
Loft Roll 200mm 15 pack deal only £268.50 +VAT
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Fibreglass insulation is found in almost every home throughout the country in a roll version in most loft floors or as a slab in cavity walls. Fibreglass insulation can also be used in the form of a cavity closer or in a situation where an acoustic solution is needed.
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At BMD we only supply our fibreglass insulation from manufacturers like Isowool and Knauf who are known for the high quality of their Insulation materials. If you would like to know more about Knauf or Isowool insulation please visit our technical library or call our sales office for our latest cheap price deals.
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Loft Roll 150mm 14 pack deal only £280.00 +VAT
Fibreglass Cavity Slab 100mm 12 pack deal only £311.40 +VAT
contact bmd insulation on 01793 791010
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